P.A.N. celebrates World Arepa Month at Mercado San Miguel


Among the events that the brand will promote, there will be a workshop given by Venezuelan chefs at the San Miguel Market, contests and a big surprise at the end of September in the city of Madrid.

– P.A.N. joins this celebration throughout the month to promote its pre-cooked corn meal, the product that changed the way of making arepas all over the world.

– On Wednesday, September 8, two of the chefs of the P.A.N. kitchen team will give an arepa workshop in the central space of the San Miguel Market.

– The new P.A.N. Store in Mercado San Miguel and the Global Arepa Makers initiative complete the actions on the occasion of World Arepa Month.

Madrid, September 3, 2021. On Saturday, September 11, World Arepa Day is celebrated, a date marked on the world calendar due to the importance of this preparation in the culinary tradition of those who consume it.

As every year, the P.A.N. brand, pioneer in the manufacture of precooked corn flour, which more than 60 years ago made it possible that the tradition of preparing arepas was not lost, joins this celebration that pays tribute to the arepa, a dish that today is become global and is integrated into the culinary cultures of different regions of the world, also adding its line of corn-based products with greater ease of preparation, under the name of Snack On.

P.A.N. flour is present in 90 countries, making possible the connection between Venezuelans around the world, through their roots, history and traditions. On the occasion of this celebration, P.A.N. will carry out a series of actions in different parts of the world.

Arepas workshop at the San Miguel Market

As part of the celebration of this date, P.A.N. hosts next Wednesday, September 8, at the San Miguel Market, a cooking workshop to make arepas, taught by two of the chefs of the P.A.N. kitchen team, both Venezuelan. At the market, P.A.N. has a stand where you can taste, in addition to arepas, other corn-based preparations. The workshop will take place in the central island of the market and will have limited places. There, the chefs will reveal all the secrets to cook the perfect arepa, will give the keys to the traditional combinations of the recipe and other more creative ones, and will answer any questions that arise among the attendees.

The P.A.N. team will provide workshop attendees with the necessary ingredients and utensils to make the arepas with P.A.N. pre-cooked corn flour as the main ingredient of the recipe. P.A.N.’s social media followers will be able to follow this workshop through the @pan_espana account.

P.A.N. Store is one of the 30 stalls in the Mercado de San Miguel, one of the most visited gastronomic spots in Madrid and Spain. At the stall, you can choose from more than 8 options, among which you can find the traditional Arepas, the Crok Maíz (corn croquettes with cheese), the classic Tequeños (cheese sticks wrapped in crispy dough) or the Teque P.A.N. (the P.A.N. flour version of tequeños filled with cheese). All this can be accompanied with a malt drink or a typical lemonade, as well as slushies in different combinations.

P.A.N. Global Arepa Makers.

Among the activities programmed for Arepa Month is the Global Arepa Makers initiative to recognize entrepreneurship around the world. The recognized projects stand out for their contribution to the arepa Globalization movement, turning it into a nucleus of social impact and generating new connections through the recipe. These projects have been chosen by P.A.N. as ambassadors, some of them are 7ty One in Miami, Liqui-Liqui in London and El carrito in Berlin.

About P.A.N.

P.A.N. is a global brand of nutritious and healthy foods that, thanks to its nutritional properties and versatility, is used worldwide both in the hospitality industry and at home to make different preparations: Mexican tortillas, pancakes, empanadas, tacos and other recipes with corn flour as the main ingredient. P.A.N. precooked corn flour is made from 100% corn, which is certified gluten-free (GFCO), with no preservatives or additives.

The Venezuelan corporation Empresas Polar, a pioneer in the manufacture of precooked corn meal, launched the P.A.N. brand on the market in 1960, which was named after its acronym: Productos Alimenticios Nacionales. Venezuelan businessman Juan Lorenzo Mendoza and master brewer Carlos Roubicek created the formula for the precooked corn meal Harina P.A.N., which made it possible to reduce the preparation time of arepas from 18 hours to 30 minutes. In this way, the invention of P.A.N. generated the product that now represents the traditional way of preparing arepas, in a matter of minutes. It is currently one of its most emblematic products in the international market, present in 90 countries, and is the world’s leading brand of precooked corn meal.


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